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My life experience has proven to me that the euphoria of fearlessness trumps the comfort of "staying safe".
- Tryphena Wade

A while ago I came to the realization that the life that I want to live is always on the other side of fear. Every dream, every goal, every vision that I desire to hold in my hands will require that I face some fear. Interacting with people has shown me that many of us are living in fear, but have no idea what we're actually afraid of; we can't name the fear, we don't know where it came from, and we've given up hope to get to the other side of it. Well, it's impossible to face what you can't name. And it's impossible to overcome what you won't face. I have developed a coaching service specifically for those who desire to get to the other side of fear. My goal is to help you do all those things; name, face, and overcome your fears.

I offer a three-week course as well as

a la carte coaching. 

Please see the items below for details.

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#fearisstupid: From Fearful to Vulnerable To Victorious

This three-week course was designed to get YOU to the other side of fear by naming, facing, and fighting the fears that are holding you back from the victory that is meant to be yours.

This is a one-on-one process that will allow me to give you specific and targeted attention. We will begin with a chat via skype, in person, or over the phone. We will use this time to get to know a bit about one another and determine your specific challenges and goals. Once we’ve solidified those things I will send you a breakdown of goals and expectations for the course as well as what we will be focusing on each week. The course will include discussions, activities, and homework specific to your challenges. Every individual is different so the course experience will be catered to you and your particular needs. Click HERE for the Course Overview.

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Fearless Living Coaching

In addition to the full course I offer private sessions that can be scheduled a la carte as needed. These sessions can be tailored for an individual or group and are currently offered remotely through the Zentasticfit platform. To schedule a free consultation, CONTACT ME. Schedule a one-on-one session or group masterclass here

Fearless Living Course and Coaching: Quote

Self-guided Online Courses​

For those who prefer to work through the process on their own, I've created a collection of online resources on the Thinkific platform. Dive in with a quick, 3-part course,  "The Breath For Fearless Living". and continue with the more in-depth "8 Steps to Unpack Your Fear"

Fearless Living Course and Coaching: Quote

Accolades & Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of taking a one-on-one session with Tryphena. My session felt really down to earth. I felt as if I was able to release a lot of the pain I was holding on to. Tryphena encourages you to go past your comfort without over bearing pressure or a holier-than-thou attitude. It felt like I was expressing myself because I wanted to, because my soul was ready. I would highly recommend the Fearless Living course by Tryphena Wade."

Y. Sonuga - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"...the weekly discussions and assignments were really helpful and therapeutic. It allowed me to articulate the thoughts I may have been holding in with a trusted advisor.

I believe the course with Tryphena forced me to take a hard look at myself and what was and is holding me back from achieving my goals. There was a good balance of encouragement and challenge that made me want to get the most out of this course. This class was exactly what I needed from a person that looks like me, but gave me a different perspective regarding the issues I had been dealing with."

S. B. - Madrid, Spain

"Hi Tryphena

I wanted to say a huge thank you..I was able to recognise the fear and where it was coming from and why and what ways it manifests. So thank you once again for your encouragement and your words of wisdom which propel me to ask myself questions on the path I am on."

E. Olugunna - London, UK

"...[Tryphena's] whole life is completely Fearless, she truly operates in a Fearless Zone! From her endless world travel, book writing, multiple skydiving on a casual Friday to her years of experience on Broadway (and this is just the surface!!!). She completely throws herself into whatever she wants in life without thinking in a fearless manner. It is so intriguing to watch.

Much of what Tryphena has experienced and accomplished in life, many on deram of. It truly has been an honor to witness her continued fearless movement.

...Thank you for continuing to be an example for others on how we can make the most out of life and create ultimately the life we truly desire. Thank you for putting yourself out there so people can find you and witness your fearless journey. Thank you for using your gift to inspire those around you to become more fearless. You have definitely inspired me to do just that!*

~signed with an inspired heart~

Latoya Cooper The Songstress - Dallas, TX 

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