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I am so blessed to be able to create content that I love and believe in.  What's even more rewarding is having the opportunity to share what I've created with you, my audience. Stay up to date on all the latest news about the productions, events, and content I’m involved with by having a look at the highlights below.

ACTING REEL (Dramatic)

I have been a professional actor for 17 years and I love every opportunity to bite into a new role, especially the dramatic ones! Check out my reel here. For more, visit the Clips page here on my site or my YouTube Channel!

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The Announcement, a project I worked on in 2019 with fellow Lion King cast members, has been chosen for several film festivals. Our most recent laurel comes from the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival which will take place August 6-14, 2021. In addition, we are an Official Selection for the 19th Annual Garden State Film Festival which will take place March 23-28. Check out a short clip of The Announcement here



Several years ago I began writing a love story that morphed from a 3-part choreo-drama into a short film. That short film, “Solomon’s Mood”, has been chosen to be produced as the 2021 winner of Watzs Productions' POCC (People of Color Creative)  Symposium. “Solomon’s Mood” started in my heart and traveled to my head, my hands, the page, and will now have a life on the screen.
I am overjoyed to share this story.


We're definitely living in a time where an extra dose of fearlessness is needed. Check out all the episodes here and be sure to subscribe on YouTube or follow on IGTV!

I've worked diligently to create a collection of online resources for all those who are ready to take their lives to the next level by conquering their fears. I'm so excited to share the FEARLESS LIVING SOCIETY which originally launched on the Thinkific platform at the tope of 2020. If you're fed up with fear and ready to conquer it, then these resources are FOR YOU! Enroll today for access to this collection of online courses. The courses are designed for you to move at your on pace. For one-on-one or group sessions,

I'll see YOU on the other side of fear!


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As a professional actor, content creator, and Master Life Coach, there's always something new happening with me! Share your info below to stay in the know about my next film festival, tv appearance, upcoming Fearless Living Workshops, and more!

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