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After her mother-in-law is mysteriously killed, Leah and her husband relocate from Harlem to his family's estate in coastal Georgia. Out of her element, she grows increasingly convinced someone in the low country has put the "root" on her. Leah's fears are realized when she discovers a Boo Hag has been unleashed on her family. Disguised in the skin of past victims, the witch is determined to take Leah's husband - and her life.

DIRECTOR: Jeremiah Kipp
WRITERS: J Craig Gordon, Phoenix Higgins, Jason Walter Short
TOP CAST: Tryphena Wade, Nikelola Balogun, Stephen Cofield Jr.

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As an actor, I believe that everyone has the right and should be afforded the opportunity to have their story told. I am committed to telling new and nuanced stories and doing work that is honorable, laudable, responsible, and beautiful. Having the opportunity to share what I've created with the world is so rewarding. Take a look below at some highlights of my work.

Recent commercial highlights include Valspar, Spectrum, and Welch's. In addition, you can find me in a number of films on Lifetime, Tubi, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

SOLOMON'S MOOD tells the story of two lovers who've not yet met. Using passages from Song of Solomon, they chronicle their quest and desire for one another. SOLOMON'S MOOD was written and Executive Produced by Tryphena Wade in 2023. 
Director: Nicole Moore-Joseph

Cast: Tryphena Wade, Kamal Bolden, Sophia Stephens


I have been a professional actor for 20+ years and I love every opportunity to bite into a new role! Check out clips of my work, HERE!

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We're definitely living in a time where an extra dose of fearlessness is needed. Check out all 140 episodes of this motivational series here and be sure to subscribe on YouTube!

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As a professional actor, content creator, and Master Life Coach, there's always something new happening with me!
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