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Dear Carefree Black Girl

'Dear Carefree Black Girl' is a spoken-word piece; a letter to all little black girls and the little black girl inside all black women. It is a reminder that we, too, are allowed the freedom to "dance in the rain and bask in the sun". We, too, are allowed to live out loud. We were created by God as one of creation's many crowns.

We are beautiful and we are worthy.   

The short film is a small excerpt from that letter which is included in my book, The Heart Works: A Collection and features Tryphena Wade, Nteliseng Nkhela, and Ananelwe Nkhela Duma.

Dear Carefree Black Girl is currently on the festival circuit and was chosen as an official selection for the 2019 Columbus Black International Film Festival and a semi-finalist for the Indie Open Screen Film Festival in NYC. Stay tuned as there is certainly more to come!

I'm featured in the latest ad from MOODCASTER, an app that allows actors to self-tape with a reader in a remote location!

Check out the ad AND the app!

WIRED: Masterminds

Check me out on Season 1 Episode 4 of WIRED: Masterminds. This is an eye-opening look at how real-time, high-level interpretation works. I had so much fun working on this project and I learned quite a bit. Check it out!

Fearless Fridays


The latest episode of Fearless Fridays is here! Running the NYC Marathon taught me some amazing lessons about what commitment looks like and it drilled home the rewards found in the process. Today's Discussion is inspired by my Marathon Lessons. Be sure to watch, subscribe, and share your thoughts. Also, come join us in the ​Fearless Living Society FB Group as we crush fear together!