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a love story by Tryphena Wade


SOLOMON'S MOOD is the story of two lovers...who are also strangers. Using the ancient, Biblical text of Song of Solomon, these two pen love letters to one another, knowing that the love they want exists, but not knowing when or where they will encounter it. Will their chance encounters be the continuation of their individual love stories?

SOLOMON'S MOOD has been a labor of love for me. As an actor and consumer of media, I'm often left wanting when watching the industry's portrayal of love and romance, specifically between two Black characters. I had a strong desire to explore love from the perspective of two people who've not yet met, but know there is a love perfect for them.

SOLOMON'S MOOD was shot at the top of Nov, 2022 after a year of fundraising. We shot the project over 3.5 days in Los Angeles and the work that was done over those days was breathtaking!

In March 2023, the film completed the editing process and is currently being submitted to film festivals. We are continuing to raise funds to cover the costs of film festival submissions.

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I am so blessed to be able to create content that I love and believe in.  What's even more rewarding is having the opportunity to share what I've created with you, my audience. Stay up to date on all the latest news about the productions, events, and content I’m involved with by having a look at the highlights below.

ACTING REEL (Dramatic)

I have been a professional actor for 17 years and I love every opportunity to bite into a new role, especially the dramatic ones! Check out my reel here. For more, visit the Clips page here on my site or my YouTube Channel!

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We're definitely living in a time where an extra dose of fearlessness is needed. Check out all the episodes here and be sure to subscribe on YouTube or follow on IGTV!

I've worked diligently to create a collection of online resources for all those who are ready to take their lives to the next level by conquering their fears. I'm so excited to share the FEARLESS LIVING SOCIETY which originally launched on the Thinkific platform at the tope of 2020. If you're fed up with fear and ready to conquer it, then these resources are FOR YOU! Enroll today for access to this collection of online courses. The courses are designed for you to move at your on pace. For one-on-one or group sessions,

I'll see YOU on the other side of fear!


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