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#fearisstupid's a lifestyle...

As an actor, writer, traveler, and adventurer, I've had innumerable opportunities to do one of two things; let fear stop me or let it fuel me. Whether moving solo to NYC to pursue my acting career, globetrotting to distant locales that I've always wanted to visit, running a marathon, or going on a thrilling adventure like swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia, I've chosen to let fear be my fuel. In sharing my life and adventures, I've found that so many people let fear rule them, stopping them from living their best lives. This is something that I simply cannot accept!

Yes! Fear will come. But it does not have to rule us!
#fearisstupid began as a hashtag but has grown into my personal catchphrase and a lifestyle. The brand has manifested in a variety of ways. Check it all out below! 

Fearless Fridays Weekly Series

- all 140 episodes of my empowerment series designed to encourage others to live above their fears.

Fear Is Stupid Merchandise

- remind yourself and others with this line of merchandise 

Private Coaching

- I offer 1-on-1 coaching as well as group sessions geared specifically towards helping you name and confront your fears! Click the link above to message me directly.

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