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As a young child, I dreamed of seeing the world. I remember telling my mother that I wanted to see Australia and Africa. At the time I had no idea that both were continents full of diversity, I just knew that the desire to go was always within me. I had my first opportunity to travel abroad in college as an exchange student at The University of Ghana in Ghana, West Africa. That trip, that time, that place changed my life. My eyes were opened and as large as the world was, it became smaller and more intriguing to me. I was hooked!

Since that first trip abroad I've been blessed to visit over 30 countries as a student, performer, and explorer. My desire to share my experiences with others prompted me to create a travel blog and later, a podcast, under the name #wedontsitoncouches. Whether scuba diving between the continents in Iceland or hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, I wanted to encourage others to get out and see the world. Although I'm not actively blogging anymore, I still love to share my passion for travel with anyone who will listen. Above are some of my favourite experiences. Click the photo to read, hear, or view the experience. And for more visit the links below:

TRAVEL BLOG: #wedontsitoncouches 

PODCAST: The #wedontsitoncouches Experience  

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